Design Tips for a Small Kitchen

Everyone dreams of having a huge kitchen that’s equipped with the latest gadgets and technologies in order to convert their home into a mini restaurant. However, not everyone would have the opportunity to own a home with a large kitchen. Since most of us make do with small kitchens, let’s just take a look at a few small kitchen design tips:

Design tips for your small kitchen

There’s a lot that you could do in order to add life to your small kitchen. Just a little planning and work on your side would give you something really superb:

Paint with bright colours

When you paint your kitchen with bright colours, it helps add life and cheerfulness to your kitchen. This acts as a kind of illusion and helps bring up the cooking mood where you actually feel like spending time in the kitchen.


Usually people use extractor fans in their kitchens. However, if you’ve got the option of windows use them instead. Natural ventilation is always the best – right? Natural light is definitely something that you should try to get a lot of. If needed build new windows so that most of the day your kitchen is naturally lit up.

If at all this isn’t an option you could always install under counter lighting to brighten up the room.

Get rid of any kind of clutter

Another great way to keep your kitchen looking great would be by getting rid of any unnecessary clutter and freeing up some space. When you get rid of unwanted stuff you’re also increasing the amount of space available in your kitchen. Therefore, it’s a great way to ensure a better cooking experience.

Use the walls well

You could easily add more storage space by using the walls to hang racks if at all you don’t have enough space in your kitchen cabinets. This kind of open storage is great for spices, dinnerware, utensils and other things that you need to use often.

Use small kitchen appliances

There are plenty of kitchen appliances that you may need. Manufacturers are coming up with smaller and smaller appliances so that you save space around your home. Therefore, you should try to buy something that’s really compact.

In order to further save space you could even go ahead and buy appliances that perform many functions at the same time. There are plenty of options when it comes to the appliances that you could buy – so choose well.